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The Esthetics Council is proud to present competency based training online. All our courses are designed to provide you with skills that you can put to immediate use in your treatment room.

Competency Skills Training

It's important to be able to use what you learn.

Professional Verification

Programs that respect your experience & knowledge.

Science Based Education

Training using evidence based information, no gimmicks.

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Disinfection Expert Verification

This course is designed to verify your knowledge and professional experience in disinfection and safety protocols.
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Improve Your Skills with Our Professional Training

What's your path? Where you work has an impact on what skills you need to improve.

Understanding what you need to know to work in medical vs a spa setting is important to create your specific skills path. We can help you with that.

Choosing the best learning path for your knowledge and experience will help you save time and money. All our Verification programs include mentoring to help you decide.

All of our instructors know what its like to be working in the room. We have 40+ years of combined experience. No fake accrediations or certifications, we have experience to help you weed through the noise.

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